Weight Room Expands Phsyical Training Variety

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During physical education everyone will eventually get a chance to venture into the weight room or take the weight training class to try and test their strength.

However, some students do not test their strength but merely do what they know they can handle.

“In the weight room, I do what I am capable of and don’t exert myself,” sophomore David Baisas said.

In P.E. when students are told to go to the weight room they are usually given specific instructions on what to do.

A teacher may tell their students to do three sets of ten of core, upper and arm exercises.

“In the weight room we just do whatever, some people work out according to the instructions or just on their own and other people just chill,” sophomore Luis Juarez explained.

More instruction is given in the weight training class than in P.E.

“The first part of the unit is mainly demonstrations from past students or experienced football players,” weight trainer Brian Beaty said.

Beaty also explained how they have kept the weight room primarily safe with only a few minor injuries like a dropped weight on a toe or a pinched hand in the equipment.

“What the students do in weight training depends on what they want to work on, what sport they play and how they want to improve, or lifetime fitness work outs,” Beaty said.

Taking weight training counts as one credit for health/P.E. but Beaty says that the credit lasts a lifetime.

Working out in the weight room would not be possible if it was not donated by Mike and Kathy Holupka.

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